Packaging solutions for your needs

Integration of production systems in all facilities enables the production of all types and sizes american and die-cut boxes. Compatible with existing automatic and manual packaging lines; the printing is customisable up to 6 colours.

The semi-automatic and manuals production lines permit personalized processing such as small self-folding or large packaging made up two pieces glued or sewn.

American boxes

Neutral, punched, glued, sewn or with adhesive strips

Die-cut boxes

Rotary or flat puncher, die-cut and with adhesive strips and up to 6 glue points.


Crash lock box with cut-outs for tap extraction

Digital printing

The right solution for personalization of small quantities or for counter i.e. floor displays. The graphic editing is possible with no charges.

Ready Made Pallet

Constructed by a cardboard of up to 1300×3000 mm in size and different number of feet, according to necessity, thick 50mm or 100mm.

ODF Filler

Cardboard or honeycomb filler available in customizable dimensions and thickness, offering a suitable protection for the product.

Honey Comb

Shapeable honeycomb panels, thick from 10 to 100 mm

Cardboard sheets

Versatile and adaptive in terms of cardboard composition and thickness of the wave (E – B – C – EB – BE – BC – CB)